iOS qualcomm AR auto rotation broken

I am working on Unity 3.4.2 on a Mac Lion with XCode 4.2.1 and using the AR ios plugin from qualcomm.
When I deploy my app on an iPad with the Player settings Default Orientation set to “Auto Rotation” something really strange happens: on portrait the GUI looks fine but the camera sends a landscape image and when moving to landscape the camera is squashed with black borders on the right and left (so actually portrait width)…anyone else with this problem and is there a possible solution?
It might have something to do with 2 warnings I am getting after build in Xcode in in ConvertToIosScreenOrientation and didRotateFromInterfaceOrientation:

Enumeration values kScreenOrientationUnknown’, ‘autorotation’, and ‘kScreenOrientationCount’ not handled in switch
Incompatible pointer types passing ‘UIView *’ to parameter of type EAGLView *’

Before I start messing around with these code issues, can anyone confirm this problem?

The problem resolved itself with the next unity version, before that I resorted to fixing the orientation.