iOS: Redirect persistentDataPath to Library folder of iOS Sandbox (iTunes File Sharing, AppStore rejection)

In our iOS app we are using iTunes FileSharing ( UIFileSharingEnabled = true ), which makes the apps complete “Documents” folder accessible to the user. This caused our app to be rejected by apple, though, because the documents folder contained files that are not intended for file sharing, beside the files we want to be accessible.

Looking at the documents folder we found files which were created by Unity itself (an empty Analytics folder for example) and some plugins we are using, as everything written to the persistentDataPath, get’s created there.
The apple resolution center recommends to move all files that are not meant for File-Sharing to a different folder within the apps Sandbox (for example Library).

As far as I know, this not possible with Unity, though, which makes it impossible to use iTunes FileSharing with Unity Apps?

So I’m asking you: Is there a way to have the persistentDataPath point to the apps “Library” folder instead of “Documents” and explicitly decide which files should go int the “Documents” folder?
My research regarding this topic resulted in nothing.

Best regards

Same problem here. @Dakor Did you find a solution? I think this must be a request to Unity to change iOS persistentDataPath to Library folder, move there the Unity folder and give us another Application property which will return the Document folder for iOS.