iOS Remote 4 on Windows

Since the patch 4.5.2p1 the editor supports iOS for Unity Remote 4 on Windows. So I have installed the last one(4.5.2p3) and wanted to try it. The problem is that the new feature doesn’t work for me(editor doesn’t connect to device). I have tried to switch the platform, set the Unity Device Remote to “Any iOS Device” and many more things which are written in the Manual.

So my question is, does this feature works for someone?
My Device is iPhone 4S with iOS 7.1

Ensure you have installed iTunes when working on windows, otherwise it won’t work properly! -

This is supported for Android, but iOS is still not supported, although it’s in the pipeline:

I have the problem too.The Manual page said the ios device app can working on windows.but my unity remote 4 doesn’t work on windows 8.1 x64 with i need test my app in vmware everytime,it is inefficiency. :frowning: hope the unity group can fix it soon.

It worked for me once I plugged in my iOS device with the Remote app running and Unity open. My iPad prompted me to “Trust this computer?” and then my iOS device showed up in the editor settings.