iOS Remote Notifications in Unity 5 are broken

I’ve implemented push notifications for iOs using NotificationServices from UnityEngine.iOs namespace,
but there is a problem with the current unity implementation.

The app is registered successfully to push and receives the token in NotificationServices.devicetoken but when the app is running or in background and I send a push the NotificationServices.remoteNotificationsCount is always 0

When the app is closed and I send a push and open the app from the push the NotificationServices.remoteNotificationsCount is updated to 1 but NotificationServices.ClearRemoteNotifications does nothing.

Also debuging in xCode I see that the method application:didReceiveRemoteNotification from UnityAppController is never hit when I put a breakpoint and I send a push and the app is running.

Anybody else has this issue?

Yeah, it’s fully 100% broken feature. We had to re-implement if fully with a custom plugin, now it works…