iOS.RemoteNotification userInfo empty

Hi Guys

I am having trouble reading the data passed by a remote notification.

It should be simple, and the steps seem clear, but the dictionary is empty.

userInfo.count returns 0.

trying to loop through or foreach through the userInfo dictionary also returns no information.

userInfo should contain the complete payload of the pushnotification

in xcode you can open the file “”

in this file you see the method: “- (void)application:(UIApplication*)application didReceiveRemoteNotification:(NSDictionary*)userInfo”

you can add:

NSLog(@“user info: %@”, userInfo);

this will return

user info: {
“aps” : {
“alert” : {
“loc-args” : [
“Local Team 1”,
“Visitor Team”
“body” : “Test”,
“loc-key” : “”
“action” : “reward”,
“data” : {
“token” : “”,
“eventData” : “”
“name” : “reward”,
“type” : “reward”,
“message” : “”

So i know that the info is there

But that info does not seem to make it into unity!?

any advice would be great



Did you ever find a way around this?

Same problem here! Any answer???,Same problem here.