iOS - Run app at exactly the right pixel resolution

Is it possible to have a Unity iOS app run at an “oldskool” resolution - for example, centered on (ATARI) 320x200 or another resolution much smaller than that of an iPhone or iPad

It’s actually a 3D game. I just don’t want it to render at anything but a certain resolution. Black box border around it.

Note that if you - very simply - set the size of the camera to be the shape you are imagining in the middle of the screen. (Have the “border” just black.) That will probably do what you want.

In the editor, look at camera component and fiddle with the sizes of the Normalized View Port Rect (ie, the “output”). You will see how to make the “output” of the camera anywhere you want on the computer/ipad screen.

Then, do that in code. PixelRect

is handy for this.

Finally when the app launches just use Screen.width and height, and carefully determine where and what size you want the camera “output”. I don’t know where you want it “sitting on the screen” so only you can do that arithmetic. it should be nothing harder than screen height divided by 2, minus one-half of your desired “old school” height. Same on the horizontal.

So, I’m pretty sure the short answer to your question is use PixelRect

Hope it helps. Be sure to tick and thumb this answer as I only do it for points, Ina :slight_smile: