IOS Script Debugging gives XCode Error: Unable to insert branch island

When I try to turn on script debugging for IOS using Unity 4 the XCode project won’t link giving the error: Unable to insert branch island.

I’m using:

  • Mountain Lion 10.8.2
  • XCode 4.5.2
  • Unity 4.0.0f7
  • Scaleform IOS
  • Vuforia 2.0
  • Run target: iPhone 5 IOS 6.0.2

I’ve tried:

  • Fiddling with OS settings
  • Rebuilding to a completely blank project
  • Reinstalling XCode
  • Re provisioning the iPhone

Any ideas?

Cross posted on the forum:

Turns out this is due to the DLL getting too big for XCode which is exacerbated by the inclusion of script debugging. I can’t really imagine why my DLL is too big, but the advice is to move things between Plugins and normal scripts. Sadly that won’t work in my case.

Here is some information I’ve gathered:
Hope it’ll help