IOS scripting and book

I know IOS scripting is different from the other machine scripting like android and computer . I'm more into IOS , so i was wondering if the unity book of essentials would help me with IOS scripting or just computer ? If not , whats a good book for IOS unity ? if there is one ? And is the IOS scripting page that unity provides good enough to complete a full game ?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by iOS scripting being different but if you mean touch control, you can find many of touch commands in the Scripting Reference and you can also find a lot of help on the forums.

For touch control I would recommend using touchCounts:

For OnMouseDown this is a great script on the wiki:

I hope this helps

There is an interesting book called “Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guide book and eBook”. You can find it here: Search | Packt Subscription

Hope it helps

There is a book specifically for iOS that just came out. I like it so far (not done with it yet). The title is “Unity iOS Essentials” and the author is Robert Wiebe. I got it from Amazon.

I hope this helps.