iOS: Text Fields completely unusable (Unity 2019.4.40 / iOS16 / Xcode14)


We have an AR app that was built with Unity 2019.4.31 and AR Foundation 4.0.8. This app uses regular TextFields for its registration and login screens.

Since there was a major bug in AR Foundation under iOS 16, we had to
- update AR Foundation to 4.1.12
- updated to Unity 2019.4.40 and Xcode 14 along the way
in order to be on the latest versions (a major update of Unity won't work in our case).

Plus, we also had to disable multi-threaded rendering, because AR Foundation 4.1.12 still crashes with this configuration, and manually enable Bitcode for all targets under the "Pods" project. At least, this brought back the full AR features.

However, since we did these steps, the TextFields on our registration and login screens went nuts. They behave completely weird. Sometimes, text is typed from right to left instead from left to right. Sometimes it starts in the middle of the text field. We noticed phenomenons like this sometimes under Android before, but not to this extent.

They fields are now completely unusable, which means that users cannot register or login anymore. We haven't found out yet if the issues are related to Unity, Xcode or AR Foundation. But I guess it's one of the former.

Is this a known issue, and does anyone know a remedy?

Ok. After some cross-testing I found out that the actual culprit is Unity 2019.4.40. After downgrading to 2019.4.31, everything is working again. Seems as if there were significant changes in the way the Text Fields work under iOS.