iOS TouchPhase.Began Detected Multiple Times

I have a buggy iOS program I can’t figure out. I’ve boiled it down to a simple problem, the TouchPhase.Began code is being run twice, even though the user is just touching my object with the code once. I created a small program to show the problem. Basically, I have a big sphere that when the user touches, I want it to register as one touch. For some reason, when the sphere is touched, the counter tracking touches usually counts multiple touches. I’ve spent hours with no luck. Here’s the code in full:

private var hit : RaycastHit;
private var ray : Ray;
var inputCamera : Camera;
private var i:int = 0;
private var hitTag:String;
private var touchId:int;

function FixedUpdate (){
    if (Input.touchCount > 0) {
       var touch : Touch = Input.touches[0];
    	ray = inputCamera.ScreenPointToRay(touch.position);
   		if(Physics.Raycast(ray, hit)){
   			hitTag = hit.transform.tag;
          	switch (touch.phase) {
    			case TouchPhase.Began:
    				if (hitTag == "orangeBttn") {
function OnGUI () {
    GUI.Label (Rect (10, 10, 100, 50), "Orange hit " + i);

I can send the program if anyone is interested, but basically I just have the code on a sphere, and run it on the iPad (not just the remote). When the user touches the sphere (tagged orangeBttn), variable i should be incremented by 1. Instead, most of the time its incremented by 2. There’s work arounds,but can some body tell me why this simple thing isn’t working? Thanks in advance.

In case anyone else runs across this problem in the future, the problem was I had the TouchPhase event code in the FixedUpdate function, which made it buggy. I put it in the Update function and it solved the problem.