iOS tracing input?

Hello. I want to create a system where the player can “trace” up and down a curve using on an iOS touch screen (similar to some of the actions seen here starting at 0:15 , where there are sin like curves moving left to right across the screen and the player how to move their input up and down to stay on the curve)…what would be the best way to accomplish this? My idea is to create a curved model in maya or max, put a mesh collider on it and detect if the player’s finger moves along that collider…but how would I do that? Am I over thinking things (is there a simpler way to get this done)? Thanks

doin that with a collider would be too costly and since it is curvy you have to use mesh collider which would affect the performance directly proportional to the weight of the mesh (tries and vertices) you have to save the points in array and check if the points from input.touches deviate from the original