iOS Trial Help: How to Turn it On???

I am in real need of an answer of how to add the iOS trial to the desktop evaluation I installed. I can't find anything to indicate what I have to do and I have just two days left.

There's a huge opportunity in the hopper right now.

Can someone get back to me please. I asked the same question nearly a month ago.

According to the downloads page, downloading the Mac version of the demo will automatically include an iOS preview as well. It is integrated into the Unity app so you just need to launch Unity and go to the build settings under "File" and change to iOS settings if you want to build to the device.

On windows, sorry, you cannot develop for iOS.

May be you activate the free version on activation page. Go to Help -> Enter serial number ... menu. Select internet activation. Now select trial version not free.

I just downloaded the trial and can't build for iOS. It says my license doesn't cover iOS publishing in Build Settings dialog....

I second that "my license doesn't cover iOS" status for the trial version.

I just got my latest GD magazine and read the article placing Unity as the top choice of casual developers. So I got the free version to figure out how Unity works. I'd also like to use it to teach a game making class this summer

Before the class, I'd like to publish a small free app. I'm hoping this could all be done using the free version of Unity or the 30-day trial Pro and iOS. I just got my Apple iOS Dev ID.

This is possible, right?