iOS Vert/Poly limit query

hey all,

I keeping seeing very similar messages to the below on forums etc:

10,000’ verts is the limit for iOS devices before frame rate suffers

Are these 10,000 verts the total amount of verts in world? or being rendered on screen? Or is this just rubbish? What kinda of ways are there to reduce amount being rendered (I know of Occlusion Culling and LODS, but haven’t messed with them (yet)).

I noted that when I took out my 25,000 vert world (i know, unoptimised) that my iOS game ran at a solid 60, as opposed to a 33 fps with the world geometry in there. So obviously tris/verts are a problem, but with only 7,000 verts on screen at a time, I wondered whether off screen stuff is also being rendered also?

Opinions welcome!


Your question isn’t a question that makes sense. It’s like asking “what miles per gallon does a car get?” (Substitute litres and kilometres if you like.) The fuel economy of a car depends on the make and model of the car, the kind of road you’re on, the weather, and how aggressive/timid you are as a driver. Plus a host of other things I don’t even know about, such as what grade fuel you use, and whether your petrol engine is assisted by an electric motor or not.

So, back to your question. What iOS device? What shaders are you using? What depth complexity in the scene? How many draw calls? The number of polys/verts is often not the performance problem, it’s something else completely.

A recent demo that the Unity demo team put together (“The Chase”) gets around 250k polys on an iPad4.