iOS WebCamTexture Displaying Wrong Resolution

I am currently trying to pull in a WebCamTexture for use from the rear camera on iOS devices. However, when I try to set a resolution for the WebCamTexture, it will snap me to a much lower resolution. For instance, I will create a texture like this (and save as an instance member):

texture = new WebCamTexture(WebCamTexture.devices[0].name,2592,1944,30);

The dimensions I use are the exact dimensions for my device’s camera resolution.
However, once this texture begins playing, the dimensions of the texture pop down to 1280x720.

Even when setting the initial resolution to 10000x10000 as suggested in this post, I still get the issue.

Any idea what might be causing this?

Regarding this utter disaster by Unity, here’s the only way to

get the camera ratio:

#WebCamTexture, get correct resolution and RATIO. - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

1280x720 is the highest resolution Unity currently supports.