IOS : Which parts of the System namespace can you use with ' micro mscorlib' stripping

I am developing a game on IOS

I have been looking at the docs on stripping and it suggests that when using ‘micro mscorlib’, the greatest level of code stripping, you should be careful about using calls implemented in System.dll

it says…

“Microo mscorlib level: … but it is not compatible with some System and System.Xml assembly classes, so use it with care.”

Later on it says

“Don’t use anything that lives in System.dll or System.Xml.dll in your code. These libraries are not compatible with micro mscorlib.”

So does anyone know if you can use anything at all from the System namespace when using Micro level stripping? I would really like to use the double precision floating point maths stuff in System.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There has been the MonoCompatibillity page for ages. Also keep in mind that “System namespace” doesn’t equal to “System.dll”. All core features are in the mycorlib (or the micro equivalent)

The different mscorlibs are located at


Keep in mind that if stripping is used, the compiler will remove unused code from the final build. If you use reflection to access parts which might have been stripped away your code will crash, so use reflection with caution.