iOS/Xcode: Duplicate Symbols

I have a project in which I’m using a number of 3rd party plugins. There don’t appear to be any conflicts until I reach the Xcode stage, at which point I get a linker error claiming that the following symbols are duplicated:


The two most relevant plugins are the Azure Mobile Engagement plugin and Google’s VR SDK for Cardboard support. Weirdly enough, if I remove Google VR from the project, then the linker error disappears. I have no idea why GVR would be defining push notification-related symbols nor can I find any references to them in any of the available source code. I ultimately need both in the project when it’s time to ship, but for the time being I’m at a loss. I’ve submitted an issue to the github repo for the Azure plugin, but I figure I’d post here as well in case anyone had a similar issue.

Hi, I wonder if you solved this problem. I have similar issue with other 3rd party plugins I guess since everything is ok if I remove them from my project.