iPad Camera Aspect Ratio

Hi, I’m working with some people on an iPad app using Unity. We’re trying to use the camera on the iPad 3, but we’re currently running into some problems and nothing we’ve done has been able to fix it.

We’ve set a plane in Unity that shows whatever the camera sees within it. Every time we to upload it to the iPad, the camera aspect ratio is REALLY wonky. If we hold it sideways, whatever the camera picks up looks like someone severely widened and scaled the content on screen. Whenever we hold it virtically, the same thing happens, except with the height. What’s odd is that, no matter our settings, the actual frame where camera footage is does NOT rotate or change in size or position. Both the aspect ratio and scale are severely off but I’m not sure how to change that without passing it to our script guy and even he doesn’t quite understand it (And I tried fiddling with the Player settings for iOS and it barely affected it). Also, for some reason, the camera is kinda zoomed in at a rate that looks like it’s somewhere between 1.5x and 2x. The iPad’s camera app works fine and we made sure that was zoomed out, but the app still zooms the camera for some reason.

I’ve tried just about everything in my bag of tricks to figure it out to no avail. Anyone have any idea how we can fix the aspect ratio/size/scale/zoom?

Hi friend,

Just put a plane in front of your camera and apply this formula to your plane (transform.localScale).There is a relation between your camera-plane distance and the field of view.I will add the picture asap.