iPad crashes after many WWW images queries

I’m experiencing some problems with memory warnings on an iPad3 when downloading images from the web. I have to download a lot of images (200-300 at half of the device resolution) one after another (using a coroutine an waiting that an image has been downloaded before starting with the next) from a third party service and I store the WWW return data in an ArrayList. Unfortunately the iPad often crashes (but not always), sometimes it gets memory warnings and then crashes while other times it just crashes without any warning.

I know I’m downloading a lot of data, but I was wondering if there’s a workaround or if there’s a way to store those WWW images data in a better way and avoid memory warnings.


Save them as files to your Application.persistentDataPath and do www.Dispose() after each image. Open the images when you need them.

    yield return www;
    System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes(Application.persistentDataPath + "/" + someFileName, www.bytes);