ipad development

hey all, I have to make a unity app on the ipad for a company. I have made a speedbuild of the app on windows and now they want this on the ipad. I have to say wich laptop i need. I understand you need a mac, so the 15-inch macbookpro should be fine? I have to run Maya to.
Mac - Compare Models - Apple Do I need anything else? cable to connect with ipad or something? Any tips? Thanks in advance!

I run fine on a 15" Mac Book Pro - works a treat. You need to download and install XCode (it’s free) and then it just uses a normal Sync cable. You need to sign up to be an Apple Developer for $99 and then allocate the iPad you develop on as a development machine - there is a wizard for this on the apple developer website after you get your ID.

XCode is a bit of a pig - there are also a series of restrictions on iPhone compared to the desktop version, but they’re all workable.