iPad fps throttled?

Is there some imposed limit on the fps on the iPad? I was experiencing really low fps (7 or 8) on a relatively empty scene without much going on. I made a test scene with only a gui text and an fps counter script and that scene was running on my iPad at 29 fps. Is this normal? Most of the apps I have tried are really smooth on my iPad so this is a shocker for me!

Yes, it's normal. Change the fps limit in the AppController.mm file if you need to. Keep in mind that the iPad is always running with vsync on, so if you can't maintain a steady 60fps, leave it at 30 (a constant 30 has a better feel than something which fluctuates between 30 and 60). Trying to run 3D games at 1024x768 with the iPad's very limited GPU is unlikely to hit 60fps anyway unless you keep things really simple.

Application.targetFrameRate = 60; worked for me, on Unity 3.5.5+ on iPad 3 … By default it’s limited to 30 FPS …