IPad Simulator compile error, it can't seem to find my directories.

In unity Phone 1.7 I am getting hundrads of warnings and 28 errors. they all seem to stem from these two warnings about not finding directories.

ld: warning: directory '"/Users/grantmorgan/Documents/unity/AmirGame/ipadBlocksSim"' following -L not found

ld: warning: directory '"/Users/grantmorgan/Documents/unity/AmirGame/ipadBlocksSim/Libraries"' following -L not found

The directories are there. I've rebooted a couple of times. I have SDK 4.0 with 3.2 installed. Any suggestions of what else to try.

Cheers, Grant

It's a long shot but try to Clean All Targets and build with 3.2.

Is this after installing on the device or in the simulator, you will eventually haveto change these directories to ones in your "sandbox" for your application bundel.

  • This may also be a permission error try chmod -R 777 /*/yourproject
  • Then if it isn't fixed try reimporting you entire project folder be selecting everything in the project view and using the "Assets->Reimport" menu
  • If all else fails simply restore from you last working backup, which hopefully isn't to out of date( if it is lesson learned, back up more frequently).