iPad3 no sound... help!!!


After hours jumping through Apple’s hoops, finally started testing my current project on my brand new New iPad.

No sound. The same build works fine on my iPad1, iOS 3.2…

No error.
Side switch set to lock orientation and not mute. Tried both anyway…
Headphones don’t solve the issue.
And the device is’nt broken, tested with other apps…

Any help would be very much appreciated! Despair looms…

Unity 3.5.2f2
iOS 5.1
XCode 4.3.3

Lots of testing, little sleep, but madness averted:
I removed a SetDSPBufferSize call in Awake(), sound is now working.

Setting latency to best gives a small enough buffer anyway, but this still comes through as a bit buggy… Same app, same build, no problem on iPad1 and no sound on iPad3.