iPadOS (iPad Pro 12.9" latest gen) and HumanBodySegmetation3D in ARKit3

Just wanted to check if for sure the A12X on the latest iPad Pro is also supported for HumanBodySegmentation3D

Been able to get line renderer to show body, but can't seem to get the OnHumanBodiesChanged to be called for the 3D robot to load...

It is a bit hard to debug what's going on as each time I have to build to device to test it out - BTW is there a more streamlined way to debug in editor or without needing to build to XCode each time?

I'm working with the same device and works, but I think Unity is having problems with the iOS 13 beta v2, because more people are complaining about the same.

I think it has to do with a beta v2 issue - which sadly seems to also be the iOS 13 public beta