IPCManager NativeHashMap error

Any idea what I can do with this? It's from UnityTransport that is dependency to relay and netcode for game objects


Does the error remain if you restart the editor?

Also, what version of the Collections package (com.unity.collections) do you have installed?

Thank you for your answer, so I'm using 2023.1.0b17 editor version.

Yeap, I'v tried upgrading/downgrading different packages that are available for simply version change through package manager, restarted editor many times
I have
Unity Transport 1.3.4
Collections 2.1.0-pre.18
Netcode for GameObjects 1.4.0
Entities 1.0.0-pre.44

Alright, the problem here is Unity Transport 1.3.4. It depends on Collections 1.2 and you have 2.1 installed. Upgrading Unity Transport to its 2.0.1 version should resolve your issue.

It helped, thank you :)