iPhone 1.5 is out!

Morning guys girls

We've got a wonderful fresh morning, the sun is shining and Unity iPhone 1.5 is now officially out!

This is a huge release, with large performance improvements (assembly-optimized skinning, automatic batching), lots of new features, more docs.

You should all immediately draw your curtains, because that sun can forget about seeing any developers outside for the next couple of days :)

What's New
Penelope Tutorial

A huge thanks to the iPhone team for their hard work!

Wheeee. Hooray :> Now I can finish all my crappy little games and bundle them up with high score support.

1.5 is even more awesome than predicted 1.1 !

You got us ! Thank you Unity Team ! :smile:

I'd heard a rumor that 1.1 was going to be out this week, and when this space was quiet on Monday, I thought "awww...".



Thanks a million!

and a hush came over the crowd... as the throng grumbled in deep satisfaction and returned to their dens in joyful zeal.

thanks for the hard work guys. Virtual beers for the whole team! 8)

I just looked at the list of features, improvements, and changes. Incredible! Can't wait to start playing around with it.

Props to the iPhone Team!

Huge updates and additions. Props to UT iPhone team. I can't wait to dig in.


(Screams like a Japanese schoolgirl watching Cheap Trick at Budokan)

It's gonna be a good day!

What happened to 1.1? Did I miss it? 1.1... I shall never forget you!

As for 1.5... we have some nice long intimate moments ahead of us...


Thanks guys, Can't wait to test drive it

The .5 describes how much goodness was packed into this. .1 was a major understatement.

I just did a new build of Ravesword, and it ROCKS on my first gen Ipod now!

I am in ecstasy! Thank you, most awesome Unity peoples!

A very quick test in Basic... Straight build of an existing project with only changing player settings to use the new orientation feature. Left in a few warnings (deprecated orientation etc).

-Time in Update is down to around 60% of what it was.
-Batching is sweet! Feature request: let us adjust the max vert count for skinned meshes if possible (yeah I know... the official request way)
-Skinning is much faster.
-Memory management and GC in the profiler make a lot more sense. It's either handled way better or reporting is better (or both).
Wonderful update overall... congrats thanks!

[edit: I wrote earlier:
-The Unity splash screen (in Basic) is upside down when set to landscape right. Didn't test others. The game was in the correct orientation.

No it's not! I incorrectly recalled Apple's guidelines...]

This is absolutely amazing. :shock: I had no idea so many amazing things were coming so quickly.

Thanks to you, UT.

This is both awesome and timely for me :)

So, i want to get it straight: what's broken?

Also, i wish to known about the change of the new drm and if this affect its related with jailbroken users.

Thanks to all of the hard work and dedication, another continued reason I enjoy the Unity Platform.

Spectacular! Going by the specs this looks to be a huge jump, worthy of the 0.5 version change. Plus, you're going to risk spoiling us by giving us such treats as DRM detection and GS optimizations that auto-fallback.

I can't wait to dig into the Penelope Tutorial.

Actually the bad thing about your tutorials-- with Unity's ease of use, I never finish them- I can't resist switching to my game project and applying what I've just learned. I guess I'll have to take a vacation and leave the game project folder at home so I can make it thru the tutorial.

Muchas Gracias!

Wow, amazing bit of work from the looks of the release notes. Unity should pretty much own the iPhone platform from here on out. Glad we made the investment!

And special thanks to all the developers, QA engineers and beta testers for getting this out the door. Hopefully you guys'll get a chance to sleep now :smile:

Unity rocks.....

It is really fantastic
You never go on holiday ??? :lol:

Thanks for this good surprise.

great work, perfomance has increased a lot on my project

thanks for this release