iPhone/3D Text only one line displaying not multiple lines of 3D Text

iPhone does not seem to display 3D Text as multiple lines… it only shows one line
The PC/Mac eversion shows all multiple lines of text (so all line breaks, and the different lines show up).

FYI - See proramming below, but the multiple lines of text (to be displayed using 3D Text - were sent by a single variable from a database (MySQL/PHP) with
Breaks made into “/n” as Referenced.

Been searching all day, still cant find the answer- so I’m posting it here.

Anyone know how to make more than one line appear?

Project Description:
Basic utility that grabs a long shopping list (with multiple line breaks) from a database and displays it on iPhone as slide-able 3D Text.
Moves fine - jut does not show more than the Top line of a long shopping list.


//var texxxt : GameObject; //if the 3D texxt is instantiated - in this case this script is just attached directly to the 3D Text GameObject

var answerr : String;
var texaaa : String;
var lenn : int;

function Start(){
//get text (list of text)	
	var code_url = "link-to-PHP-script-that-grabs-the-text.php";

	var textor = WWW(code_url);
     yield textor; // Wait	

	if(textor.error){ //Probably not connected to the Web
		TextHints.textOn = true;


// request completed!
    answerr = (textor.text);//converts binary to text

	var amount = answerr.length;//counts the full text (including line breaks)

	if (amount == 1 || answerr == null || answerr == "null") { //if its too small or empty then Destroy or Do Nothin'

//nothin Destroy the text or dont instantiate it

	} else {
		var texa = Regex.Replace(answerr, "~", " ");//replace ~ with a space
		var texaa = Regex.Replace(texa, "_", "

");//replace _ with a line break
texaaa = Regex.Replace(texaa, "
", "
with a line break
texaaa = Regex.Replace(texaa, "
", "
with a line break

		lenn = texaaa.length;//count the length (for future use)
//Assign the Text mesh the text ?? should this be different for multiple lines?
		GetComponent.<TextMesh>().text = texaaa; //3d-text with line breaks??
		guiText.text = texaaa;

		print("Word count: "+lenn);//for DeBugging
		print ("FINAL text: "+texaaa);//for DeBugging



Has anyone else solved this?

The temporary solution I had to create was to grab the (multiple lined) text file from the web,
(using a loop) I split up each line and basically had to instantiate each line (space evenly, one below the other)…

Is there no way to display paragraphs of information?