iPhone app gets stuck on splashscreen...

I just finished transferring my app to my phone through the provisioning portal and have a small problem. When I build and run my game through Xcode, my game just sits on the unity splashscreen for eternity (I have unity iOS basic). When I run it on the phone itself it crashes instantly. Does anybody no why this is happening?

My initial scene is really small with no huge audio or image files. A few 3d models and 3d texts. So I’m pretty sure its not because of the size. Also, Xcode says that the “thread” is paused. How can I make it continue?

EDIT: Error

execution error: Xcode got an error:
setter not yet implemented (-10025)

Well, now I got the publishing to work again. What in the end seemed to do the trick was doing the clean in XCode ( The Clean in product menu ) and then building the project again. Hope this helps!

Try to reboot your device