iPhone build errors

I'm trying to build my game to test on my ipod but I keep getting loads of errors in xcode. 115 of them. Some of them are:

Compile AppController.mm
AppController.h: No such file or directory
No super class declared in @interface for 'AppController'

Compile iPhone_target2AppDelegate.m
IPhone_target2AppDelegate.h: No such file or directory

It goes on like that, I'm assuming that I've built the program in the wrong place or there's a problem with my set up.

I used the options Device - 3.0 | Release | Unity-iPhone | armv6

Xcode ver 3.2.2

Unity iPhone ver 1.7

iPhone SDK ver 3.2

I think I've got all the certificates and profiles set up correctly

I've run example xcode from the developer website with no problem.

I have no xcode experience so any help would be useful.


Building the example unity iPhone set ups also has the same errors.

Redownloading and installing unity iPhone does nothing.

I used micro mscorlib as the code stripping level.

Wozik's idea at the bottom of this tread is a good one. Try building an example project that comes with xCode, if that doesn't work, then you made an error in xCode, otherwise it is a Unity error.

Also see if any scripts are not iPhone compatible. Check for dynamic typing and such. Even scripts that you are not using, but are in your project are built so check them also.

I am suffering this infuriating problem too unfortunately, SJ.

Header files like "AppController.h" just do not appear.

Unfortunately for me changing the Stripping setting does NOT cure the problem.

----------Later ..

We thoroughly investigated this and talked to Unity and so on. It turns out the solution, the only solution, is simply completely reinstalling Unity3.0.

if you experience this problem in 3.0, the code stripping setting is totally unrelated. The only solution is just to reinstall Unity3.0. Do not bother reinstalling XCode or anything else, just Unity3.0.

(Note, you CAN do that on your Mac, with no concerns about the tricky licensing registration. (1) put the old entire Unity folder in the bin. (2) make sure you have thrown away junk that came with pre3 versions. (3) download disk image from the website and install. (4) it will now work with your existing license with no effort. (5) your same projects, settings etc will be unchanged.)

It turns out that disabling code stripping fixes the compile error, must have been using the wrong settings.