iPhone Bundle Identifier confusion?


I've read the docs concerning this, but I still don't understand what I need to put in the Bundle Identifier in the Player Settings.

When I make an new project in XCode (non-Unity) in the plist I automatically get: com.yourcompany.${PRODUCT_NAME:***identifier} (I put *s because I don't know if those digits are specifically for me!) So I tried using this in Unity's player settings, but when I do a build and look in XCode, the entry now says: com.yourcompany.${PRODUCT_NAME:identifier}

At this stage I don't have a com. name, and as I'm just writing test apps I don't have a game name set up in a provisioning certificate.

My apps written in XCode run on iphone with no problems, so I think my provisioning profile is OK, but Unity builds have many different errors related to product names, app names, and occasionally, DWARFS.

Can anyone suggest what to enter for the Bundle Identifier? And what settings to use in XCode to get it to compile?



Just enter 'com.yourcompany.appname' and no digits


  1. Go to Apple iPhone Provisioning portal
  2. Click on App IDs
  3. Write some kind of description, this is just for your own reference
  4. Select generate new bundle seed (don't worry about it)
  5. At the bottom fill in your bundle identifier, make it up what ever you want, that com.companyname.appname is just a suggestion. No one ever asked you for a company name, it's just easier to remember and organise, that's all.
  6. Use the bundle identifier you just made in Unity under player settings. (no digits)
  7. Create a provisioning profile with the App ID you just made and put it on your phone.

The rest is fairly straight forward. The important steps are 5 and 6

hi, i’m newbie…
I would like to uploading my second app in itunesconnect,
I am confused with bundle id,
whether to upload my new app, I need to register a new id bundle on Sign In - Apple or not?

sorry my english bad
thank you