iPhone cuts off sides of camera

I’m having a bit of an issue with Unity and iOS. Depending on the device, parts of the left and right sides of my camera are cut off, with more cutoff happening on iPhones, although there is still some cutoff on iPads. This keeps valuable information away from the player. Is there any way to stop the cutoff and have the iPhone/iPad simply display what the camera is showing? Thanks!

Well…that’s how you implemented your game. On a Game view click on “Free Aspect” and choose iPhone portrait and you will get the same. That’s because your game doesn’t do anything about portrait display.

The easiest fix: go to Player Settings and allow only Landscape screen orientations.

Edit: the proper fix is to implement UI in a way which works correctly in multiple aspect ratios. I have no idea what you used for UI. If you use NGUI it gives you means to make your UI wrap or scale automatically, but you have to set it up correctly. I’m quite sure new Unity GUI provides means for that to, but you have to set it up correctly anyway.