iPhone graphics a lot worse than emulation graphics?


The graphics in on my iPhone are far worse in terms of lighting (I have a spotlight that moves around). Whereas in the emulator it works decently on the MBXlite and nicely on 3Gs OpenGLes 1.1.

When I run the program, you can barely even see where the spotlight is looking at, and all the lighting on the textures is pixelated and low quality...

Is there a setting I can't find that changes how good of quality to render on the iPhone?

If the iPhone can't handle it, why can the emulator?

I chose SDK 3.1.2 in the Player prefs. I'm also using an iPhone 3GS

Macbook Pro 13" 9400m GT


Sounds alot like a vertex light instead of a pixel light being rendered to me. What is your Player quality Settings vs your Editor quality settings?

The graphics emulation doesn't do everything. iPhone hardware prior to 3GS doesn't do pixel lighting, and Unity iPhone doesn't either (except in the editor, where you shouldn't use it because of the aforementioned reasons). The only way to get a halfway decent spotlight effect is to have fairly highly tessellated geometry, because all you have is vertex lighting.