iphone gui tutorial

is there any tutorial that goes of iphone gui? If so can i have a link. If not then can someone give me a basic tutorial.

ok here is a good and useful one, I used it myself a while back:


it is for general GUI in general which applies to any device.
let me know if you do have any issue or need anymore specific guideline.

i thought that a good and complete answer should be available too.
in unity GUI development is cross platform and your normal GUI code will work with all devices. in windows you fill the textbox using keyboard and in iphone the iphone keyboard automatically will apear for you. clicks and touches are the same too.

for creating GUI you can use unity manual’s GUI scripting guide or 2D/3D platformer tutorials by unity technologies themselves.

if you need to create resolution independent GUI for multiple devices use GUI.matrix. you can find more info on it in 3d platformer tutorials.

there are a few actually but if you let me know what exactly you are planning to do then I can give you a quick tutorial based on your needs

I want to make a simple menu with a play button and a credits button.

since you ask for a iphone gui tutorial inside of unity answers, i assume you mean gui in unity.

i suggest you look at gui scripting guide and learn from there. the basic stuff should be covered there. if you meant native iphone gui development, not unity related, then ignore this answer.

Here, this should do the trick:

Good luck!

thanks for trying to help but im looking for gui that works with touches from an iphone.

You can probably get to this link from several of the links above:


thanks for your guys answers!