iPhone - iPad script solution


i’m currently developing a game for iPhone and iPad. After resolving the different aspect-ratio problem through some scripts, i’m wondering how i can increase the performance for those versions?

Performance boost through?:

  • Have different scripts for iPhone/iPad-Version
  • Have a if/else / switch statement inside my script
  • Working with static vars which got initialized once through a script on the start of the game

I think the first solution is way more performant, right?

Something else i’m really interested in, is, which would be the best way to publish a game for iPod,iPhone,iPad - with all its different resolutions, but with a small file size? Different version are possible, but then each version share a piece of the “sales-figure-pie”.
Does other possibilities exist?


I’d be surprised if code related to iPad/iPhone/iPod showed up in any profiling you did. I think if you design your game so that it runs acceptably on an iPad then it’ll run just fine on the other devices.