iPhone Match

Hello, I’m looking for the project on this link http://unity3d.com/support/resources/example-projects/iphone-examples.html. The project that I’m looking has the name "Iphone-Match”, it’s a game that correspond to the classic memory game. In the project there is an image called “symbols.psd” that is used to create pairs of cards.

I don’t understand how they take these pictures individually, and then apply them randomly on the cards. Anyone can help me?

The cards are all prebuilt game objects. If you look at the hierarchy, you will see:

alt text

These tiles seem to have been prebuilt and the UV’s on the faces created externally.

Each card has its own prefab:

alt text

Which in turn is associated with its own model:

alt text

You can open these in a 3D modeling application and look at the way they were put together.

All of these object prefabs are instantiated in the game world, and are kept just out of the camera’s frustum:

alt text

To recreate this on your own, you’d need to grab a “card” model (this one will do) and open it in a 3D modeling application. You would then set the UV’s for each card based on your texture, and save one per face.

Another way you could change these to your own drawings is use the existing models and existing UV’s and take the texture files and replace the images on the texture.