IPhone - Parabola Jump Problem

Hi all,
I have been banging my head against the wall for a few days now. Please help me solve this problem.
Its a 2D Game.

So I have a character standing on the screen, and I want the character to jump to a position touched by user, parabolically, without physics…

Perhaps, the easiest way to explain what I am trying to achieve here is that
"How do I get a jumping result similar to the one provided by cocos2D CCJUMPBY?

Any suggestion please? Thanks a lot

Anyone at all?

I have the same problem, help please, if you solved it please post the code here if you dont mind.

You have to use bezier curve to achieve the ccjumpby effect. Check for the formula around internet. That is the easiest and would give a good looks for your 2d game.

there are few post in the same forum about the bezier cures in unity check this one to start with