iphone question

Hi, I want to teach a game design class to high school students using Unity 3D. They want to make an iPhone game app. Can I use Unity 2.6, the free version, to make the game and see if they can actually do it - and then purchase the iPhone Basic program to convert it?

In other words, can a game be made in the free version and then converted for use on the iphone/

Thanks for any replies and help, Pat

In theory, this seems like it would work no problem.

In practice, the differences in architecture between the iPhone and PC/Mac create a need to design things differently for the two different platforms - what performs well on one platform can fail horribly on the other, especially in the graphics arena. Also, input works much differently on the two platforms, with the iPhone having its touch screen and accelerometer, where a PC/Mac would have a keyboard/mouse/gamepad.

However, the porting from one platform to the other could be a lesson in itself.

If the project has a small enough scope, the porting issues may be minimal.