iphone question

I have a game where clicking and holding the mouse button on the screen will make something appear, using if(Input.GetMouseButton(0)).

I want to essentially do the same when touching the iphone screen but i have no idea where to start.

I know 90 percent of the code will remain the same, so i only have to convert the mouse hold idea to screen touch idea. I read a bit about #ifdef and things like that but those threads were over a year old and confusing, what’s the best workflow to be able to test the game back and forth on windows and iphone, without replacing code if possible?

You would use Input.touchCount to see if there are touches at all and Input.GetTouch(x) or Input.touches[x] for this purpose.

to keep all code in the same place and still seperate it, yes you would make use of #if ... Check the manual on 'platform dependent compilation', it will explain the relevant things :)