Iphone Touch Coordinates not working

I have a small Iphone 5 with the latest OS version (the 3.5in version I think). The other developers on my team have larger Iphones (the 5-6in version)

When I use Unity Remote 4, the touches on my phone do not seem to activate buttons, and swipes and gestures don’t activate our navigation system.

However, when we build a release version and test it on my phone from the app store, everything works fine.

In addition, when I tap the phone, the coordinates of my touch positions are recorded in our log, so the touch itself seems to be working. What doesn’t appear to be working is the conversation of the screen space coordinates. Attempts to do a debug.DrawRay( ) result in rays that only show along the borders of the camera’s view borders.

Any ideas what is causing this, or how to fix it? Thank you. (google has not been my friend here)

It’s a common bug for as far as I know. You notice when you hover the mouse over a button, and then press on your mobile screen (so, input x & y = mouse, click = touch device) the button does get pressed.