iPhone X Camera Indent Concern

Hey, so Apple has just announced the iPhone X (10) and it has a non-rectangular screen. The rounded corners probably won’t impact too many apps greatly as the curve isn’t very large (if you have a UI element that is completely or largely hidden by that slight curve you probably have usability problems on a variety of devices).
But at the top of the screen there is now an indent where the camera array, speaker, and mic go. I’m guessing that since the space to the left and right of the camera array is usable screen space basically the whole area will simply be included in the view port and anything you might try to draw into the area where the camera array is will simply not display. The project I’ve been working on for the past few years has interface elements on both the left and right of the screen near the edge which might be obscured by the indent or totally covered by it (depending on the indent size, hard to tell from early photos of the device). I’m wondering will a new version of Unity automatically take this indent into account by automatically shrinking the viewport area to put the edge of the screen as far as our app is concerned aligned with the bottom edge of the indent or will we as developers have to account for this?

I don’t think it will be automatic.

It’s just terrible design by Apple, I think devs will need to find their own solution.

I can tell is a headache to adapt the game to this kind of screen. We are using the info from this post https://forum.unity.com/threads/iphone-8-8plus-x-support.498078/ to implement our solution