iPhoneUtils.isApplicationGenuine - which APPROVED apps have used them?

  1. What apps use it successfully (passed apples review and are being sold)?
  2. What is the implementation like? IE: when do you show a message and what does the message say and what options do you give the user if the app is hacked?

Hey John,

The declaration of the isApplicationGenuine is :
static var isApplicationGenuine : bool

which means that you can use it anywhere you want any how, like so:

function Start(){
   //Put this code where you want your game to check for the crack and do something
   //Like in your main menu
var shameOnYouPicture : GUITexture;   //use a picture with a written message that shames the cracker :P
    shameOnYouPicture.enabled = false;

   if (iPhoneUtils.isApplicationGenuine == false){
     shameOnYouPicture.enabled = true;
     StopEverything();  // a custom method for examples that handles stopping the game;