iPod touch 5G vs. iPhone 6 / Lightmap Rendering differences

In my scene I have a piece of the floor that is colored red. It's static, UV mapped etc. and has a baked light map. I'm using the standard shader with an albedo color (no texture), with some metallic and smoothness values. There is a reflection probe in the scene.

This works as expected in the editor and on the iPhone 6. However, on the iPod touch 5G the same red mesh appears completely black.

Is this a known limitation of the iPod touch 5G or have I found a bug that needs to be reported?

Is there a workaround?


iPod doesn’t support Metal and OpenGles3, check what Graphics APIs you are using

The project is compiled with the ‘Automatic’ setting. I’m not using any API’s directly - I’m using the standard shader. I’m expecting the shader to be smart enough to render as best it can given the hardware it’s running on.

Is this a bug with the shader not falling back to something simpler? I’ve narrowed the issue down to baking with light maps General GI / Directional Mode set to ‘Directional’. If I set that to ‘Non Directional’ it renders correctly on the iPod touch 5G (AFAICT).

Directional mode isn't supported on gles2

I don’t need directional mode to be supported. What I would like is for the shader to degrade to ‘Non Directional’ mode. Is that not possible?

How do I create a Unity project that needs to support iPhone 6 and also support iPod touch 5G? Are you suggesting I lower the quality for iPhone 6?

You are right, it is completely possible, but not done correctly right now. Fix is planned for the next release.

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Thanks for the info / good news!