Is 1920X1080 images are too big for RenderTexture?

Hello all,

I’ve created a sprite sheet out of 60 PNG images, each 1920X1080 pixels, from After Effects.
In sprite editor, I would like to slice the sprite sheet to equal sprites and then create an animation out of it.

My problem is it won’t let me do the Slice, and show errors in console:
RenderTexture.Create failed: requested size is too large.

Texture has out of range width / height

UnityException: Failed to create texture because of invalid parameters.

Seems that the pixels are too big? Should I ask for a smaller PNG?

picture with reversed alpha.

I’d say that RenderTexture.Create is part of internal process of slicing the sprites. And maybe it’s trying to create a renderTexture of the full size of the PNG.

But I am wondering, why would you create such a huge PNG and then try to slice it? Why not export separate PNGs and import them as individual sprites?
Are you hoping that this will help you with batching, by putting all sprites into an atlas? Because if such large atlases are supported, then unity will put into atlas for you again.

The “WHY” is that I have 455 PNG’s that this animation consist of. Does it makes no sense to import 455 PNGs into unity? you’re right @Bonfire-Boy, these are actually not sprites. Now I see that. These needs to be farther “cut” to be a sprite right?
I’ve asked for a video with a transparent background so it can be placed in unity as a video texture. But, I can’t get the .mov texture to work.

I use unity 2017.1.1 for this project.
Edit: the project will be build for Android