Is; "Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie" pro only?

For the past hour I have bin trying to get this simple line to work:

Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie(“urlToMovie”,, FullScreenMovieControlMode.Full);

But despite my best efforts it just does not want to work. So that made me wonder; “is this pro only”. The script reference does not state it as such: Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie. So can anyone shine some light on this?

Hey Codetastic, I’ve been looking for similar functionality however I believe the “Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie()” functionality is only available in the Pro versions. Even though the documentation doesn’t explicitly state this, the license comparison does state that video playback is a Pro only feature (I’m guessing this must encompass all types of video playback).

If your development is limited to the IOS platform, you could consider using the Prime31 LiveTexture Plugin ($75), however this only works for IOS and they don’t have any similar plugins for Android (or other platforms).

Hope this helps answer your question.