Is a Camera considered a GameObject?

I just started using Unity and I’m trying to understand the object model a bit more.

When you add a new Camera to a scene, is that item considered a GameObject with a camera component? Or is it considered a Camera object?

My understanding is that everything is a game object in the scene, including the camera. If you remove the camera components, it leaves a empty object with a Transform component.

As far as scripting is concerned, you treat the camera the same as another object. So you can attach a script, and refer to it’s translate like so:


This would move the camera along the Y axis 10 units if placed in the update section. So as far as I can tell, it is just another GameObject with special Components. I think there are special hidden properties to it and other things like lights, which is why they show in the hierarchy panel as a camera or light. But as far as scripting is concerned, should not be a issue.

A camera is a Component, which is attached to a GameObject. A camera itself is not a GameObject. A GameObject is essentially a container for components, although it’s impossible to have a GameObject which does not have a Transform component.