Is a PC or is a Laptop better for unity?

I’m in the market to upgrade my setup.
Right now I’m using a pretty crappy laptop to run unity and blender to make games. I’m looking for a budget option that gives me the ability to make small indie games. I’ve heard Alienware or Mac is good, and I’ve heard people saying building a PC is better. Please help :confused:

It’s all up to you. If you travel, or want to use a device for business and development a laptop will be a better choice. On the other hand a PC will be cheaper but probably more powerful.

Personally, I’m currently working on Mac after working for more than 6 years with a pc and I prefer working with a Mac. You can bring it with you and taking it to business round if you are involved in video game industry.

Indie means you will be doing a lot by yourself. A good gig is essential. I found out that speed and ease of use was the two most important things. Ofcourse this is subjective to me (: İn my opinion, a good processor shortens the wait times in between compilations and builds etc. That is very valuable when you are solo, both in terms of motivation and actual productivity. My second concern is the ease of use, especially ergonomics. Good and numerous monitors and peripherals are important. You would certainly want to at least have unity on screen 1 and blender on screen 2 for example. If you agree with these, go for a PC. A laptop would be limited in both these regards. If and when things start to take off, you will go for a laptop anyway.