Is a water shader with these features possible or easy to make?

I’m really bad at shader programming. Actually, I don’t know anything about it. But, is it possible that someone would have that old file that miraculously does everything I want?

What I need is a shader that waves, can still have its color changed and be translucid or opaque if I need to, can have a sprite attached and can tile that sprite (like, tile it x:3100 y:3100), may have foam, has reflection and refraction like water, and is mobile friendly.

Is that even possible? If so is there someone that I can talk to that will provide me with those if I ask? Thanks for any help.

My recommendation would be to start playing with the new shader graph tools. Most of the things you are looking for would be possible using a custom shader just made with them.

Here is an introduction to shader graph from the Unity Blog.

And be sure to check out Brackey’s tutorials on shader graph, they are pretty amazing and it all works with the LWRP (in fact, you can’t use shader graph with the old render pipeline).