Is a way to Morph similar object and record it?

Hi to All, I think this is basically a hard question but I was searching for weeks and havent found a solution so Im making a call to the experts(you) to help me and learn togheter.

What I want to do is from a humanoid rigged A animate to a humanoid rigged B, something like a morph, im not needing a hard morph like a human into a werewolf or something like that, it’s a simple human with almost not muscle, and a extreme muscular human, and is something like an “interpolation”, a way to have in a clip all frames of the process who turn no muscular to muscular, so I can asign it into a Blend Tree or something like that and in the way the player get stronger a integer make the clip advance across the frames.

As you can see in the next photo, the skeletons are almost the same so in fact it can be probably a simple mesh morph, but i dont find any program that record the process of modify a mesh, letting the skeleton joints unalterable in the process.

I will be all my life in doubt if you can help me :smiley:

Usually this is achieved by using BlendShapes (a.k.a MorphTargets). BlendShapes are prepared in 3D modelling software (like 3DsMax, Blender, etc). Once you have your model ready you can use it in Unity - it has support for BlendShapes.