Is ad platform CPIMobi good or bad?

Hello, anyone.

I just published my app to Google Play Market and I`m searching for promote tools.
My friend recommended CPIMobi for get incent installs to boots my app. I search some feedback on forums, but there a few information.
Anyone is using it and can share their experience?

Will be thankful for any recommendations.

Please everyone keep in mind that all 3 accounts (both answers and the asker) have this as their only posting history - all accounts created on the same day. I’d say that’s pretty sketchy. I’m going to stay away from CPIMobi because of this.

I do not recommend CPIMobi, they don’t deliver and what they deliver is not qualified for you app 95%. I ran 3 campaigns with the baddest experience in that service. Still some dollars (credits) locked with they, no way to deliver or to have the money back. Skype support is mute. One of the many campaigns I trying is to deliver 90 downloads in 10 countries and they did 19 from November 2018 until now. Sad.

@MrBill_001 , is the CEO of

So the CEO himself is not clear if he can perform well.

Wel, yes, it’s true. does not perform at all.

Guys, do not invest you money into After accepting your money, they vanish from the chats and emails.

Hello, @MrBill_001

As an expert in Mobile marketing, I can assure you that the main point publishing your new app is to be sure by as many people as humanly possible to attract new users.

I can advise you the company CPIMobi that I always use for this reason. They do provide the lowest CPI for real people installs which you would find. And you can also split the bought installs into several Apps. All of them are 100% real people. You can get installs for a good price on this platform.

Hope this helps

I use CPIMobi to get a lot of installs in short term. It works.