Is cheating possible in Unity WebGL game with Photon Pun 2 Network?

I have some questions about Unity and Photon Pun 2.

1) Is WebGL game secure from hacking or cheating?
2) Is cheating a problem if the game only has private rooms?
3) If cheating is possible (as I think), then how can I protect my game from it?

1) No. Never. On any platform.
2) Depends on how the players in the room think about cheating. Technically, it‘s no different from an open room except that the room owner can control who to let in or kick.
3) You can‘t. You can follow best practices for any given type of cheat and type of game. For example, server authoritative games are harder to cheat on than client authoritative but it still depends on whether the server reacts on client input „move forward with current velocity“ vs absolute coordinates „i will now be at position xyz“.

Generally speaking, if you have to ask these questions you haven‘t done enough multiplayer development for cheats to matter to you.Your first game won‘t rival Battlebits. Neither will your second. ;)
Cheating only becomes an issue with popularity and to get to that point you have to keep maling games for quite a while (lucky punches are extremely unlikely).

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