Is Cloth component's overhead affordable for mobile MMOs,if added to many characters in scene?

We would like to utilize Cloth component on some lower parts of a gown or dress,or pendulous cloth on some characters(as showes with green highlight of the attached image),but I didn’t know how much it would effect the performance if there are many such characters in a scene on a mobile platform like iOS or Android.88557-cloth1.png

There is no realistic way anyone can know the complexity of your game, anticipate your target devices and give you any kind of meaningful answer.

When facing an issue like this, the only real way to obtain an answer is to build a test and profile it on the target devices you require. If you don’t already have a scene that reflects the desired static geometric complexity (buildings, environment), and has the desired amount of animated characters available then you’re worrying about optimisation way too early.

Always remember, premature optimization is the root of all evil.